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Sixth Form

Admissions to Year 12 and Progression to Year 13

Details of our Sixth Form admissions policies are below:  

To study A-levels, students must have an average points score of 5.5 points across all their GCSE subjects as well as a Grade 5 in English Language or English Literature and a Grade 5 in Maths.

In the Sixth Form, most students at FCHS will follow three Level 3 courses in Year 12 and continue with all of these into Year 13. It is our recommendation that students with an average GCSE points score of 7 or above follow four Level 3 courses. See the link to curriculum for further details.

In addition to the general entrance criteria, all students are required to meet the entry criteria for the courses for which they have applied. Individual course entry requirements can be found in the prospectus.

If a student wishes to study a collaborative subject at St. Michael's, they will need at least 6 Grade Bs at GCSE. The numerical grade required for English and Maths is to be confirmed. For language courses at St Michael's, a Grade A is required in the language to be studied, while other subjects will require a Grade B if they have been taught at GCSE.

To study a non-collaborative subject at St Michael's, students will need at least 6 Grade As at GCSE. The numerical grade required for English and Maths is to be confirmed.

Applicants for Level 2 BTEC courses are required to have an average score of 3.5 points across all their subjects.
To continue into Year 13, students are required to have a minimum of a Grade D (A levels) or a Merit (BTEC Level 3) in the each of their courses. For most subjects, this will be based on internally assessed examinations at the end of Year 12; however, in the small number of subjects which are still running legacy specifications, this will be based on performance in public exams. In addition to this, an attendance of 95 per cent and a recommendation from the subject teachers will be required to continue into Year 13. Students studying a subject at St Michael’s will be required to attain a Grade C grade to carry on to the second year of A level.

Students who gain a minimum of Merit grades in their one-year BTEC Level 2 courses will be eligible to move onto Level 3 course in the Sixth Form.

In addition to students already on roll and progressing from Year 11, the Governors admit up to 50 male or female students from other secondary schools to the Sixth Form each year. At no stage will the total number of females be allowed to exceed 25% of the total Year 12 cohort.   

Priority will be given to practising Catholics who can provide a copy of their Baptismal Certificate. However, the Admissions Authority will also consider applications from those of other faiths and no faith provided they and their parents are supportive of the Christian ethos of the School.     

Prospectus and Application Form

A copy of the Sixth Form Prospectus and Application Form is available below. For further clarification on how to apply or to request hard copies of these documents, please contact us by phone or email.