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Welcome from the Head


Julie Durham 
Acting Headteacher

It is a real pleasure in this, our 90th year, to welcome you to our website which I hope will give prospective and existing parents, students past and present, and others the opportunity to gain a real sense of our unique community and the consistently excellent education we provide.

We would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to our alumni. We welcome your continued interest in the fortunes of the school, your engagement in the annual calendar of events and your willingness to support the school in all that it does. The success that so many of you have achieved in your chosen fields serves as an inspiration to those that follow.

We have a long and proud history. Finchley Catholic High School was founded in 1926 by the redoubtable Canon Clement Parsons, Parish Priest of St Alban’s. A man of great drive and vision, he was responsible for the creation of a school that has provided a first-class Catholic education for the thousands of students that have passed through its doors during its ninety years of history. The school motto, ‘Grant that we may be truly wise’, remains as central to our mission today as when it was first adopted. We cherish these strong foundations, but we are also an outward looking school committed to securing high achievement and opportunities for all of our students and preparing them for the demands of their future lives as global citizens.

Our relationship with the parents of our students is of paramount importance to us. We commit to working closely with them in a mutually supportive partnership to ensure the very best education and outcomes for their sons and daughters. If you are considering an application to the school, I would urge you to visit the school and to see it in action. Judged alongside the various external reports that are available and for which links have been provided, you should then be in a much stronger position in terms of making an informed choice.

Our school has continued to excel through the talent and commitment of those who work here. We invest significantly in ensuring that we appoint the best teachers, all of whom are subject specialists, and we welcome expressions of interest from those who might be keen to secure employment at Finchley Catholic High School. If you have the talent and commitment to really make a difference; and the willingness to ‘go the extra mile’, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We are looking forward to the next 90 years with confidence and excitement and a determination to be exceptional in all that we do.  In whatever capacity, we would be delighted to welcome you to be part of our journey.

Julie Durham
September 2016