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Poetry by Heart and Short Story Competitions

Now in its third year, Finchley’s Poetry by Heart Competition yielded four outstanding finals this year: certainly the best so far.  

All students in Years 7-11 were given an anthology from which they chose a poem to memorise. After the eliminating rounds, the top three from each class competed in the finals. Offerings ranged from much-loved classics and comic poems in Year 7, to Shakespeare in Year 8 and the GCSE poetry anthology in Years 9-11. The standard of delivery was exceptionally high this year, with much variety of expression and gesture. The judges were faced with some difficult decisions in choosing the winners. The occasion was enhanced by musical contributions from the Year 7 and Year 8 Rock bands and instrumental solos from Theodore Crysohos and Leo Franchi, and also by some superb GCSE and A Level Art work.


Year 7

Joseph Wilkins, 7F – Invictus

Year 8

Winner: Neil O’Brien – ‘Tomorrow’ (Macbeth)

Year 9

Duncan Bregola, 9S

‘The Destruction of Sennecherib’

Year 10

Louis Christou, 10R


Year 7 and 8 Short Story Competitions

For a third successive year, all students in Years 7 and 8 competed in the Short Story Competition. The standard was extremely high and great commendations go to the following winners.


Year 7 Short Story Competition

‘Behind the Door’

Zachery Gunzi, 7S


Year 8 Short Story Competition

‘The Shadow’

Ruben Straat, 8F