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Middlesex University Junior Entrepreneur of the Year Competition 2016

On Thursday 17th November, five Year 8 students Alessio Giacometti, Thomas Reidy, Louis Valerio-Imber, Juno McAnallen and Francisco Caluag Miranda represented Finchley Catholic High School in the Middlesex University Junior Entrepreneur of the Year Competition 2016. 

The purpose of this competition was to encourage Year 8 school students to start thinking about the notion of enterprise and what it means to undertake enterprising actions in relation to starting and running a business.. Throughout the day students were motivated to design and create an arcade game. Once created, students had to compete with other local schools to attract customers to play their game. They could also approach the Business Guru for any advice or suggestions on their business proposal. As a team students were required to submit a financial report along with customer feedback forms. Students had the opportunity to develop a range of key their skills including improvising, team working and interacting with adults in a business environment. Overall, a truly enjoyable day was had by all.

"It was a truly fun and creative day. Although, it was quite frustrating trying to attract customers to play our arcade game Shooterz, the competition was fierce” Thomas Reidy 8F.