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Adverse Weather Conditions

We have been blessed with a very mild winter to date. However, we may experience severe weather in the next few months. We issue the following guidance to cover such eventualities:

Our starting position is that we always seek to open the school as long as we can provide an environment which is safe for both pupils and staff. Parents, in turn, must exercise their own judgement about whether the journey is too hazardous, allowing their son or daughter to come to school, or not.

If we consider the site unsafe, we will close the school. Normally, this will be done first thing in the morning, shortly after 7.00am, and will be clearly communicated to parents via a text message, no later than 7.30 a.m. The web-site will also be updated, although parents should be aware that it will be prone to ‘crashing’ due to the number of hits that it receives. Finally, the recorded message on the phone system will carry information about a school closure.

In the absence of a message or notification, please assume that school is open as normal.