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Acceptable Use Policy

For all online activity we follow our acceptable use policy (available below)

This policy aims to:

  • Set guidelines and rules on the use of Office365 for Education, as our distance learning platform and the associated resources to support remote learning
  • Establish clear expectations for the way all members of the school community engage with each other online
  • Support the school’s policy on data protection, online safety and safeguarding
  • Prevent disruption to the school through the misuse, or attempted misuse, of ICT systems
  • Support the school in teaching pupils safe and effective Internet and ICT use

Breaches of this policy may be dealt with under our standard Behaviour Policy.


For distance learning lessons:

  • You must be punctual to ‘lessons’ and ensure you arrive on time
  • You should ensure that your microphone is muted, unless otherwise requested by your teacher or meeting host
  • You should ensure your camera is turned off, unless otherwise requested by your teacher or meeting host.
  • You must ensure you are in suitable learning environment at home
  • You must ensure your dress attire is appropriate for learning, if in doubt wear school uniform
  • You must use the ‘raise your hand’ feature to gain attention
  • You must have learning resources available (paper, pen, exercise book etc)
  • You must ensure you use the ‘chat’ function appropriately, ensuring all comments are focussed on your learning

In addition: 

  • All sessions are recorded – should you contribute, both your audio and video will be captured  
  • At the start of the session you will enter the class lobby.
  • Some students may be unable to attend all live lessons – this will be understood and agreed between home and school. If this is the case, you must ensure you catch up and watch the recording of the lesson when convenient.