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Admissions Policy

To receive reminders and information regarding the Sixth Form application process, please complete this form.

Our application process will open on Thursday 11th November (the same evening our website goes live with this year's presentation and resources) and the deadline for applications for a place in our Sixth Form in September 2022 is Friday 3rd December at 3pm.


Admission Policy

Year 12

Entry into our Sixth Form is based on a student’s ability to meet our generic entry criteria alongside our specific course requirements.

We welcome Catholic students as well as students of different faiths, and from no faith background.

All internal and external students are required to meet the entry criteria for the courses for which they have applied. Individual course entry requirements can be found elsewhere on the website (click here).

In addition, students applying to the Sixth Form must meet the following general criteria:

  • Students wishing to follow any Level 3 courses will be required to have at least Grade 5 in their English and Maths GCSEs and an Average Points Score (APS) at GCSE of 5 and above across all their subjects.

  • Students studying Level 2 courses are required to have a minimum Average Points Score of 2.5 across all their GCSEs.