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The Art course encourages a broad approach, allowing students to develop a sound grounding in a number of areas whilst still exploring the subject in depth. The first year of the 2 year course helps students to explore a range of ideas, skills and materials to develop their own visual explorations on the theme of the Human Body. During the second year of the course pupils achieve greater depth through personal involvement in visual processes and written analysis on the theme of Human Entropy. We follow the Edexcel course and offer the Fine Art (9FA0) pathway.

This course builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired by candidates taking Art at GCSE level. Candidates with a good GCSE pass rate will have developed sufficient understanding and skill for their programme of study to be rewarding and enjoyable in its own right. The course forms the ideal basis for further study at Foundation and Degree level, and many students go on to careers in interior and industrial design, architecture, fashion, photography and computer animated design.

In addition to the school’s general entrance criteria, you will normally require a grade A or B at GCSE. In exceptional circumstances students who have received a C grade and express a firm commitment to the course may be accepted.