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Broadening, Widening, Deepening

Broadening: The existence of a 3-year KS4 allows students to explore content through debate and discussions, which often require more than one lesson to deliver. This applies to content which requires sensitivity and resilience, for example when discussing topics such as abortion, euthanasia and end of life care. By giving additional hours to these topics, students can discuss their beliefs freely in a safe space whilst demonstrating tolerance for those with differing beliefs.

Widening: The opportunity to teach the course over 3 years allows the students to explore an additional religion at GCSE level, outside the remit of the specification. Students will study both Islam and Philosophy during the first term of Year 9 before commencing the GCSE components. This enables students to familiarise themselves with the exam writing techniques required by AQA, as well as developing students’ abilities to construct rational arguments and evaluation skills. Studying Islam will widen students’ understanding of those living in our multicultural society and will increase levels of respect and tolerance by removing stigma and prejudice which can be encouraged by external factors such as the media.

Deepening: Teaching the GCSE over 3 years allows students to explore some of the underlying fundamental Catholic teachings in greater depth to aid students further in understanding how these teachings can be of relevance 21st century. For example, looking in more depth at the Church’s views on the sanctity of life will enable students to understand the decisions behind its stance on different types of euthanasia (active/passive). In Year 9 students have the opportunity to visit Westminster Cathedral, where they are able to see church features and how they are used. This supports students when they are evaluating the importance and use of church features in their assessments.