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Classical Civilisation

This course studies the history, literature, politics, arts and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. The areas of study for Year 12 include: Homer's Odyssey in its context and Roman history from original sources focusing on Cicero’s political role in late Republican Rome. The areas of study for Year 13 consist of: Virgil and the world of the hero and Roman Britain: Life in the outpost of the empire. 

It is a broad course and will appeal to students who are interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of the ancient world whilst making links with the modern world (few things have changed!); who enjoy studying history, literature, politics, philosophy and the arts; who have a natural interest in learning about ancient civilisations.

Recent studies show that the Classical Civilisation course continues to be highly regarded by top universities and future employers for its ability to develop clear, concise and logical writing skills, critical and analytical skills, and particularly strong communication skills. We have students who have combined Classics with all three Sciences; therefore it would combine well with any A level and make you a stand out individual for applying to university.