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Computer Science

  • Awarding Body:  OCR
  • Specification No: J276 (last examined 2021)
  • Level: GCSE

What will I learn?
This course aims to give you the necessary foundations in Computer Science to help you go on to further study at A Level and ultimately employment within ever expanding industry.  Within this course you will learn how to program using Python, along with gaining a deeper and wider understanding of computer, network technology, ways to protect a network against intruders and the ethical, legal and environmental issues that arise from the use of computers.  This course is highly technical and is ideal for students with problem solving skills, who are keen on maths, engineering and electronic technology or for students of already take a keen interest in computing / programming.

How will I be assessed?

Paper 1 – Computer systems – 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Theoretical elements of computer science, including networks, systems software and systems architecture.
  • 50% of GCSE

Paper 2 – Computational thinking, algorithms and programming – 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Computational thinking, programming, Algorithms, data representations, computational logic, translators and facilities of language.
  • 50% of GCSE

Creating your own program
This is a 20 hour project which is not now examined but must still be carried out so that students develop the skills to carry out a programming project.

What can I do after I’ve done the course?
The world is desperately short of Computer Scientists and there are world-wide opportunities. As a Computer Scientist you may go on to write the next big Operating System, program computer games, create Apps for smart phones, become a Web Developer, write specialist software for use in medical equipment or re-task your new found skills to other areas within the technology industry. You might want to continue on to Computer Science A Level where you will learn advanced Computer Programming techniques prior to attending.

Where can I see more details?
The website URL for this course is below: