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Computer Science A Level

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Unit 1: Fundamentals of programming

In our school we teach our students Python. We will revisit topics covered in GCSE Computer Science to make sure all students have the same level of skills. After we will move in more complicated programming techniques.

Unit 2: Fundamentals of data structures

You will learn everything you need to know about Lists/Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Graphs, Trees, Dictionaries and Vectors. How we store and manipulate the data using the above data structures.

Unit 3: Fundamentals of algorithms

You will learn different algorithms to search and traverse the data structures mentioned above.

Unit 4: Theory of computation

You will learn about abstraction, decomposition and automation and how to hand trace algorithms. Also, you will learn about Finite state machines and regular expressions.

Unit 5: Fundamentals of data representation

You will learn about Number systems, Number bases, Binary number system and how we represent images, sound and other data.

Unit 6: Fundamentals of computer systems

You will learn about hardware and software, the classification of programming languages, the difference between an interpreter and a compiler. You will learn about logic gates and how we solve Boolean expressions.

Unit 7: Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture

You will learn for the internal hardware components of a computer, for the structure and role of the processor and its components and for the external hardware devices.

Unit 8: Consequences of uses of computing

You will learn for the individual (moral), social (ethical), legal and cultural issues and opportunities that occur from the use of computers in our everyday life.

Unit 9: Fundamentals of communication and networking

You will learn about communication methods and about different network topologies and network types.

Unit 10: Fundamentals of databases

You will learn about conceptual data models and entity relationship modelling. You will learn SQL and how we manipulate data stored inside databases.

Unit 11: Big Data

You will learn that Big Data is a catch-all term for data that won’t fit the usual containers. You will learn ways to manipulate this huge amount of information.

Unit 12: Fundamentals of functional programming

You will learn everything about Python Functions and Object-Oriented Programming.



A Level Computer Science for AQA Unit 1

A Level Computer Science for AQA Unit 2

By Kevin R. Bond

Published by Educational Computing Services Ltd


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