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Debating Club

If you want to get anywhere these days, it is inevitable that somewhere along the line you’ll run into someone who doesn’t want you to get there. Gone are the days of days of duelling and we must use more diplomatic means to achieve our ambitions. Within the school community exists debate club where one may refine these invaluable traits so vital for success in the modern world.


More than having infinite volumes of knowledge about the most obscure topics, the best debaters can form an argument instinctively and outmanoeuvre their opponents’ tactics. This would be completely impossible by only thinking from one perspective: the other point of view is valid and can’t just be ignored. Club members prepare for prestigious events and competitions, such as the Oxford Union, the International Competition for Youth Debaters, and the London International Model United Nations. It's not all serious though, and some of the most popular sessions are the joke debates! 


Mondays, 3-4.45pm, long corridor.