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Department Vision Statements


Through Religious Education, we will ensure that our students have a better understanding of their importance as a steward of creation, and their role in school, the communities they serve and the world they live in. We aim to provide all students with opportunities to reflect on their own faith and learn about the faiths and practices of others, enabling them to express themselves freely whilst demonstrating tolerance and respect for all those around them. 


We believe that through English and Media our students will be empowered to question and engage with a variety of viewpoints. Students will become more empathic and tolerant through encountering a range of literary texts that allow students to think beyond their own time and place. The novels, plays and poems we teach represent both diverse cultures, with outstanding texts from around the world, and the English literary heritage, representing the best of what has been written in previous centuries. 

English holds a central place in the curriculum as language is power: it underpins all learning. We aim for our students to develop critical awareness, the ability to craft their writing, an appreciation of literature, and the confidence to articulate their ideas in order to serve them in their academic, professional and personal lives beyond their time at Finchley Catholic High School. 


We believe that through Maths our students will become a proficient user of mathematics, alongside a resilient ability to apply their knowledge and problem solve. The progress of our students is paramount, and we ensure we make every student count.


The mission of the FCHS science department is to create knowledgeable, scientifically literate and technologically capable problem solvers. We aim to foster a spirit of inquiry, nurture our pupils’ curiosity and bring current, relevant and real-world science into the class room experience. We want to prepare our pupils to be become informed citizens who are capable of comprehending, analysing and making well-reasoned judgments on global issues.


Art by its very nature is a reflection on life. We want to provide a safe and open environment which allows freedom for reflection, interpretation and discovery for all, a place where ideas and people are valued. We encourage a cross-curricular and multi-cultural approach in our teaching.

We aim:

  • To impart a visual language which will allow our pupils to express their idea and achieve their creative potential through a variety of media;
  • To encourage and develop individual self -expression and appreciate and value the work of others;
  • To look beyond the self and embrace the wider community.


Through Business our students will be equipped with the confidence, skills and knowledge to relate their learning to local, national and global contexts in order to challenge existing theory and organisational behaviour.

Computer Science

We believe that through Computer Science our students will become well rounded, creative, technical thinkers and problem solvers. They will leave FCHS equipped with the skills to prosper in the wide-ranging employment opportunities available for them.

Design Technology

Our pupils will be able to question the world around them through investigations, and identify viable design opportunities. They will design and make innovative design solutions to real-world issues, responding to the needs of their chosen stakeholder.


The Geography Department aims to evoke in all our young people, regardless of background or ability, an interest in and sense of wonder about places, people and environments at all scales.

We aim to encourage their sense of healthy scepticism, questioning, investigation and critical thinking about issues that affect their lives and the environment we live in, now and in the future.

We promote geographical thinking through recognition of the interaction of social, economic, environmental and political factors, through causes, consequences and response.


We believe through studying history our students will develop a deep understanding of the events of the past and be able to analyse and interpret trends throughout history. This will enable them to:

  • be active citizens, developing an awareness of their rights and responsibilities in an ever-changing world;
  • be aware of the diversity of experience of their peers and society;
  • learn from the past to promote tolerance, respect, rule of law, democracy, liberty;
  • develop an intellectual curiosity and lifelong interest in the study of history

…Thus making morally just, informed and substantiated judgements.


We believe that through Economics our students will be equipped to understand the global economic environment in which they live and have the skills to judge and challenge the misconceptions and injustices and the status quo that they see in government policies in order that they can thrive in the 21st Century. 


The MFL Department at FCHS aims:

  • To develop pupil skills and confidence in speaking, understanding, reading and writing in languages;
  • To broaden pupil understanding of the world and foster an open attitude to other experiences and cultures;
  • To nurture a life-long linguistic curiosity and love of literacy;
  • To create knowledgeable, resilient, analytical and empathetic citizens, who are articulate and have a critical understanding.


Our mission is to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge required to lead a healthy active lifestyle and maintain physical, mental and social well-being.

Performing Arts

We believe that through Performing Arts our students will grow independently and collaboratively taking absolute responsibility in an inclusive, respectful and creative department. Students will access and contribute to a universal language through a world of stage and performance which reflects social, historical and cultural diversity.


The mission of the FCHS Psychology department is to provide students with a foundation for the scientific understanding of behaviour and mental processes. Mental health is a major concern in the UK and our aim is to provide you with a deeper understanding of some of these issues including depression, phobias, OCD, schizophrenia, gender identity disorder and many more. We aim prepare you for life beyond the classroom by helping you develop a deeper understanding of the reasons for why people behave in certain ways and the treatments used to combat these issues. Thorough practical and discussion based learning we aim not only to teach you about current issues in psychology but also provide you with the skills to research and teach yourself.