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Design & Technology

A Level Design & Technology allows proposing and realising of prototype solutions to design problems whilst considering how designs might be manufactured and marketed.

At the same time students are able to increase their understanding of the design and technology industries; the opportunities and risks inherent in technological advances; and how design and technology experts make decisions and adapt to change.

The course encourages our students to:

  • initiate design solutions, develop, test and trial working models and prototypes;
  • develop and sustain imagination, innovation and flair when working with concepts and materials;
  • develop an understanding of contemporary design and technological practices and consider the uses and effects of new technologies and modern materials;
  • develop thinking skills, financial capability, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills

This course provides a strong foundation for further education and potential careers in architecture, engineering, media, product and material design to name some. Students contemplating an engineering career will find this course a valuable companion to mathematics and the sciences.

For more information on the course we follow, please see the AQA website.