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Time Allocation
Drama is a GCSE option choice; therefore, during KS4, 2 hours per week are allocated to its study. 

Exam Board: Edexcel 

Course Content
The Drama course enables students to work successfully as an individual and as part of a group using their practical, creative and critical thinking skills.  The lessons equip students with essential drama skills needed through the use of explorative strategies, drama mediums, the application of drama elements and developing drama from different stimuli. 

Over the three year course students will work in groups to explore new techniques, ideas, issues and stories.  They have the opportunity to devise performances of unscripted and scripted work.  They will watch live theatre performances and explore how specific productions create meaning. The creation of a piece of theatre also involves technical expertise and students will learn how lighting, sound, costume, set & props enhance a performance.  

A summary outline of the course is as follows: 


Year 9 

Year 10 

Year 11 


Thematic Exploration: Conflict and War 

Monologues and Duologues 

Devising from a Stimulus: Fame and Celebrity Culture 

 Mock Exam Unit 3: Drama Performance 

Unit 1: Drama Exploration 


Ensemble Performances 

Devising from a Stimulus 

Mock Examination 2:Exploring Play Texts 

Unit 2: Exploring Play Texts   


Evaluating for GCSE: Live Performance 

Mock Examination Unit 1: Drama Exploration 

Unit 3: Drama Performance 

Formative Assessment
Homework is set weekly according to the homework timetable. 

Summative Assessment 

Unit 1: Drama Exploration – this is the application of a teacher led devised topic/theme or issue with a six hour filmed practical exploration. There is a Documentary Response alongside this which has a recommended maximum 2000 words. This unit is internally assessed and forms 30% of your final mark. 

Unit 2: Exploring Play Texts – this is the study of a full and substantial play chosen by the teacher with a six hour filmed practical exploration of the play text and the themes within the play. There is a Documentary Response alongside this unit which has a recommended maximum 1000 words. You will visit the theatre as part of this unit to watch a live performance and will write a critical Documentary Response of the live performance which has a recommended 2000 words. This unit is internally assessed and will form 30% of your final mark. 

Unit 3: Drama Performance – You will perform a devised or a scripted play to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of practical Drama skills through your live performance.  This unit is entirely practical and will form 40% of your final mark. 


Why you should consider studying Drama
Drama is an exciting and dynamic subject where you combine academic work with a practical element. If you are considering this subject as a GCSE you will probably already enjoy the experience of live theatre and also possibly have been involved in productions. As part of the course you will have lots of opportunities to see exciting and innovative theatre and also take part in productions and workshops. You will develop important key skills such as: communicating ideas, co-operation and working collaboratively with others, creativity and competence in a range of practical, creative and performance skills. You will also develop the ability to reflect and evaluate your own work and the work of others. You will develop a problem solving approach to your learning, which should develop your capacity to deal with challenging situations. You will be open to active participation in decision making, listening constructively to other people’s ideas and knowing when to take the lead. 

What skills profile a Drama GCSE student should have
Are you creative?  Are you disciplined?  Do you want to develop your creativity?  Do you love going to the theatre?  Do you enjoy debates and discussions?  Are you interested in exploring many different ways of expressing your ideas through live theatre?  Do you have a keen critical eye? Then this course is for you! 

What opportunities will a GCSE in Drama lead to
The course also provides students with many transferable skills that are desirable in many different careers. These skills will be of use to you even if your career ambitions have nothing to do with Drama. 

For more information, contact Ms Turner - Curriculum Leader for Drama.