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Time Allocation: Students study English for three 1 hour lessons per week in each of Year 7 and Year 8.

Grouping: English is taught in mixed ability groups.

Course Content: During KS3, students complete half-termly units covering reading, writing and speaking and listening:


Year 7

Year 8


Autumn 1: Autobiography Unit

Writing task: An extract from my autobiography



Autumn 2: Novel

Students to study a novel and complete a close analysis through comprehension questions.




Autumn 1: Mystery and Gothic Writing

My Mystery Story (inspired by The Monkey’s Paw short story by W. W. Jacobs)

Autumn 2: Novel

Students to study a novel and complete a close analysis of language, structure, and form, though an essay question.



Spring 1: Texts Across Time

Students read a range of fiction and non-fiction extracts from Beowulf to 20th Century


Spring 2: Shakespeare ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Writing and speaking and listening assessments: A re-creative writing piece and role play based on the play.

Spring 1: Shakespeare ‘Macbeth’.

Students write a persuasive speech in role as a character from the play



Spring 2: Shakespeare ‘Macbeth’.

Essay analysing the development of Macbeth’s character over the play.


Summer 1: ‘Roots’ Poetry Unit

Essay comparing two poems – ‘Island Man’ and ‘Hurricane Hits England’, both by Grace Nichols.


Summer 2: Away to Work Unit / Media

  1. Presentation on their experiences of workplace visit to be assessed in the speaking and listening strand.
  2. Lessons on film that form an introduction to analysing media.

Summer 1: War Poetry

Essay comparing attitudes to war presented in two poems: ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen and

‘Who’s For the Game?’ by Jessie Pope.



Summer 2: Sporting Heroes

Students write an argument on sporting heroes and present speeches on a similar task to be assessed as speaking and listening





Formal Assessment:

Pupils have an interim assessment and final assessment for each unit. The targets set for the interim assessment should help them to achieve their best in the end of unit piece.


Pupils will be set homework on a twice weekly basis. This will include reading and writing tasks as well as learning of spellings.