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Enrichment Courses

In Option block E, pupils select from the range of enrichment opportunities below, some of which are certificated.


This offers students the opportunity to develop their own faith in a practical way by acting as young disciples with children of primary school age. The aim of the course is to help students realise a deeper understanding of faith, morality, spirituality and liturgy .It is a theoretical and academic course which helps young Catholic adults on their faith journey. It challenges those who have been baptised to affirm the faith into which they have been baptised and make a commitment to Christian discipleship both in school and the wider community. It is especially helpful and insightful for any pupil considering careers within the teaching profession, social work or any other vocational roles.

AS Creative Writing

This exciting opportunity to develop the craft of writing through experimentation and workshops will enable students to create a portfolio of work and learn to write in different styles. As well as leading to an AS qualification, the course will support students to find their writing ‘voice’ and develop a clearer understanding of where and how they would like to publish their work. As it is a full AS qualification the course will run over two years.


This is a Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership. It is a nationally recognised qualification which enables successful candidates to lead groups of people in sport/activity, under indirect supervision. The qualification teaches generic leadership skills such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport. It is a fun and practical qualification with no entrance requirements or final examinations to sit. However, students who opt for this choice will need to be committed and reliable as much of the skills are developed through coaching of younger students, both here at FCHS but also at local primary schools.


The Extended Project Qualification is a largely self-directed and self-motivated project where students chose a topic area they are interested in and plan, research and develop their idea before writing up their final report (or similar). Not only does the EPQ carry UCAS points but it gives students an opportunity to explore ideas in depth with admissions tutors at interview and, most crucially, offers them the independent skills required to succeed at a higher level.

Football Team

If you are in the school football team, matches will take place on Wednesday afternoons. In this case, you will have a more limited pool to choose from for the Thursday afternoon as you will not be able to take examined options. Your choice will be from Work Experience, Community Involvement or CSLA.

Career Support Work Placement

This is not a job at Sainsbury’s or the like but an opportunity for you to gain experience in a vocational field you may be interested in pursuing in the future such as teaching or medicine. Your allocated time for this will be as indicated above but you could do both hours on either the Wednesday or Thursday in which case your other afternoon will be free. To do this you have to provide a written letter from the employer when you are enrolling in September. This must state they are happy for you to work with them for the duration of the academic year.


An accredited examination which is externally assessed; the qualification shows a students' skill in Acting or Public Speaking. The grades run from one to eight and the students can gain a pass, merit or distinction in their level. LAMDA is good preparation for Drama auditions, counts towards UCAS points where a grade above six is taken (when the grade becomes a ‘medal’) and helps progress and refines Drama skills for GCSE or A-Level performance units. It may also be a valuable addition to a personal statement for a college or university application.

Music/Music Technology at Woodhouse

If you choose this option, as this is a full AS, you will not be able to choose anything else in Pool E. However, if this means that you are freed up in another option pool, then it would be in your interests to use some of this time on a community activity so that you are able to demonstrate wider skills and experiences in future applications. You will need to have an interview at Woodhouse and have grade B in GCSE Music or a grade 6 on an instrument.

BTEC Level 2 Engineering

For those interested in an engineering career but struggling to show their interest to universities and/or employers this qualification allows you to see the vocational side of engineering.

Recreational Sport

This option is for students who would like to take the opportunity to improve their fitness levels or would just like to enjoy participating in a range of team and/or individual sporting activities, either competitively or non-competitively.