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Extra English

Time Allocation:  2 hours per week

Course Content:

Students will work on sharpening their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills by focusing on strategies to structure analysis, develop the confidence and ability to construct verbal responses as well as by concentrating on the essential literacy skills of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Who this course is suitable for:

Do you struggle with English? Do you find it hard or boring? Have you lost confidence in these subjects? Then this is for you. This option is suitable for students who are working on a level 4 or below at KS3 and/or pupils who have not made significant progress in this subject. 

Intended outcomes:

Students will make progress in their English assessments and their ability to access the C-A* grades at GCSE will be improved. In addition, students will find that their ability to perform well in their other subjects will be enhanced due to the need for good literacy skills in all courses.