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The Science Department are offering the following this academic year:-

Clinical Skills Workshop (Year 9) - King's College London (in-house)
Clinical Skills Workshop (Year 11) - King's College London (in-house)
Medical Talk (Year 11, 12 and 13) - King's College London (in-house)
Christmas Lectures - in-house (Christmas Fayre) (top-performing Year 9, 10 and 12 Science students)
Spectroscopy in a Suitcase - UCL - in-house (6th formers and MEA)
Spectroscopy Day (Year 13) - UCL - UCL campus (6th form - independent)
Spectroscopy Day (Year 12) - UCL - UCL campus (6th form - independent)
A-Level Science Live (Chemistry) - Friends House, London (top-performing Year 12 and 13 Chemistry students and MEA)
Christmas Chemistry Lab - in-house (6th formers and MEA, LEN)
Berlin Overseas Science Trip (February Half Term) - MEA, FCHS staff as required by numbers and Year 12/13 Science students (science focus)
This has been offered to Y12/13 pupils
 STEM Coding for Beginners - Starts 1st Nov (CAVENDISH CAMPUS - 8mins from Oxford Circus tube) 5 week programme
 Entrepreneurship KS5 - Starts 14th Oct (MARYLEBONE CAMPUS - across the road from Baker street tube)
6 week programme
This has been offered to KS4 pupils
 STEM Robotics Y9/10/11 - Starts 4th Nov (CAVENDISH CAMPUS - 8mins from Oxford Circus tube) 16 week programme
 Animation Y9/10/11 - Starts 14th Oct (HARROW CAMPUS - 2 mins from Northwick Park Station) 20 week programme
Y9 Engineering masterclasses nominations will be organised in November. This will involve going into Y9 assembly and introducing it with a pupil who did it last year. The pupils will be asked to produce some research on an engineering project. The best 5 research projects will be nominated for the masterclasses and 4 of those will go on to complete them on Saturdays. This is coordinated by the Royal Institution and led by engineering companies.
Y11/12/13 pupils are encouraged to attend Friday lectures at University College London. The Science Centre Lectures are free lectures on a range of scientific subjects for sixth form students and their teachers. There is usually a lively Q&A session at the end of the talk. Sixth form & fifth form (year 11) students are welcome with or without a teacher and do not need to book.