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Faith and Ethos

“We, the disciples of Jesus are called to be his people who listen to his voice and take seriously his words. We must listen to Jesus, we must follow him” Pope Francis

The first of our school mission statement aims is to deepen and enhance the student’s knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith, by teaching and example, so as to enable them to become true followers of Jesus Christ. Within our school community, pupils are encouraged to actively engage themselves spiritually through prayer and practice. Throughout the school day, starting in morning registration pupils spend time in reflection and prayer and are led by peers and tutors in weekly assemblies based on the Gospel themes of the liturgical calendar.  At specific times of the Church year pupils are led by the school Chaplain in reflection services which include different and engaging ways of praise and worship.

Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 are taken on retreats organised and led by the school chaplain. Retreats enable pupils to take a step back from life and reflect on their faith journey with relevant themes that coincide with the challenges of their daily lives. The retreats take place in Mary Immaculate and St Peter’s parish in New Barnet. Pupils in year 10 and 11 have the opportunity to go on a residential retreat in the autumn term. This retreat takes place at the Othona Community in Bradwell, Essex and is organised and led by the school chaplain.

Year 7

Community: Based on the scripture “One body, many parts” (1 Corinthians 12-30)
Pupils have the chance to work together and discover new friendships as they start their journey through FCHS.

Year 8

Choices: Based on the story of the calling of the disciples (Mark 1: 16-20)
Pupils look at the choices they are called to make at home, in school and in their faith.

Year 9

Faith: Based on message to be examples of faith (1 Timothy 4:12)
Pupils explore how they can be ambassadors of faith in both the school and wider community.

Year 10 and 11

Being saints of the 21st Century: Based on the message of Pope Francis to the young
Pupils reflect on how they can live the Gospel and become true followers of Jesus Christ.

Students  in the Sixth Form are included in the liturgical life of the school, through daily prayer and reflection in form, assemblies and liturgies at key times in the church year. Students in Year 12 also have  a special induction day led by the Catholic theatre group Ten Ten, which ends with the celebration of Mass.

At Finchley Catholic, we have a group of year 12 students  that have been commissioned as liturgy leaders.  These pupils assist in the leading of prayers to their peers and younger students. Liturgy leaders also give up their time to assist in the running of the year 8 and year 9 retreats. In addition to our group of liturgy leaders, we have a number of sixth formers who serve the school as Eucharistic ministers.

In line with the Catholic Ethos of the school, pupils have several opportunities to celebrate Mass within the school community. We are blessed to have links with several local parishes, and we grateful to those priests who give up their time to help us in the weekly celebration of Mass. Pupils are also involved in Masses to celebrate welcoming new Year 7 boys, Founders day, St Alban’s day and Leavers Masses for those in years 11 and 13. Pupils also have the opportunity to celebrate mass with other schools in the annual Good Shepherd Mass at Westminster Cathedral.

Through words, actions and relationships the whole community is nurtured in its response to God’s call and challenged to celebrate it joyfully in life and liturgy.