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Finding space

Students need to know they have safe and secure spaces they can go to if they want a moment of solitude or to seek appropriate support. Again, please go directly to a member of the Sixth Form Team or any member of staff if there is an urgent issue.

We are fortunate to have a number of places on our school site for you to use should you need some time and space alone.

Peace Garden

This can be found on the pathway that links the Sixth Form block with the Challoner playground (where Year 7 and 8 are located). It is a space that is open to anyone for quiet reflection and prayer.



Due to COVID restrictions, this space is not readily available, but Ms Parsons has arranged for Prayer Mornings to be held in the Sixth Form on Monday morning at 9.15am for Year 12 and on Thursday mornings at 8.20 for Year 13. 


Blue, Yellow and Green rooms in the White House