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French A Level

Subject talk

Why you should consider studying French:

The A Level French course comprises stimulating content to enable students to develop their linguistic skills alongside their understanding of the culture and society of the countries where French is spoken. French is the sixth most widely spoken language on Earth with 29 countries in the world that list French as an official language. In addition, French is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

What future opportunities might French lead to?

French is a FACILITATING SUBJECT, which means that it is looked on highly favourably as preparation for a degree course by Russell Group universities including Oxford, Cambridge and the LSE.

French A Level can lead to study in many varied degrees courses, including English Literature; Classics; Politics; Language; Speech and Language Therapy; History; Linguistics; Psychology; Modern Languages; English Language and Literature; Marketing; Law; European Studies; Translation and Interpreting; Celtic Studies; Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic.

Many universities also offer linguistic options in scientific, economic and business degrees.

Key areas of employment include: Education; Translation; Hospitality: Tourism; IT and Telecommunications: Law; Civil Service: Local Government; Media and Journalism; Recruitment; Customer Services; Logistics; Transport

Is it the right course for me?

Students pursuing these courses will deepen their interest in and enthusiasm for learning their chosen language: understanding it in a variety of contexts and genres; communicating confidently, clearly and effectively for a range of purposes and with native speakers; developing greater awareness and understanding of the societies, cultures and heritages of countries where the language is spoken; and acquiring knowledge, skills and understanding for practical use, further study and future employment.

These courses will appeal to students who enjoy learning about different countries and cultures. Studying languages at A level requires stamina, perseverance and dedication, and a willingness to develop a good knowledge of another country. It is essential for students to take an interest in their subject outside the classroom, for example reading literature and watching films in their chosen language, watching and reading the news and looking for interesting documentaries.





Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Les changements dans la société française;


  • Les changements dans la structure familiale
  • L’éducation
  • Le monde de travail


La culture politique et artistique dans les pays francophones;


  • La musique
  • Les médias
  • Les festivals et les traditions


L’immigration et la société multiculturelle française

  • L’impact positif de l’immigration sur la société française
  • Les défis de l’immigration et de l’intégration
  • L’extrême droite

L’Occupation et la Résistance

  • La France occupée


  • La régime de Vichy


  • La résistance



Edexcel A Level French (includes AS) by Harrington, Thathapudi, Hares et al

Hodder ISBN 9781471858161


Sample papers

FRE Paper 1 Listening reading Translation into English

FRE Paper 2 Translation into French, Written response to texts

FRE Paper 3 Themes oral + Independent Research Project