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Geography A Level

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Theme 1:

Tectonic Hazards

Tectonic Hazards present a significant risk in some parts of the world. Is it true to say that ‘Earthquakes don’t kill people. Buildings kill people’?

Theme 2:


40% of the world’s people live within 100km of the coast. With population and economic growth, pressures on coastal areas are growing. Climate change poses a new challenge.

Theme 3:


Globalisation, continues to accelerate, creating challenges and opportunities, shifting patterns of wealth, culture and identities. Meanwhile some people embrace it and others seek to slow it down. Links to Covid-19, Brexit and Donald Trump are never far away.

Theme 4:


Local places vary socially and economically, with change driven by global, national and local processes like deindustrialisation. To reduce inequality myriad regeneration strategies have been employed, to varying degrees of success.

Theme 5:

The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

Flick a switch and the light goes on. But where does the energy come from? What could stop that supply?

And then what about the climate? How are our energy dependent lives impacting on the carbon cycle?

Theme 6: The Water Cycle and Energy Insecurity

1.2 billion people live in areas of water scarcity. You are not one of them, but you could be with climate changing and demand growing. We need to understand the links between human action and physical systems.

Theme 7: Superpowers

You’ve grown up in a world where the USA can claim to be the only world ‘Superpower’ but where China increasingly challenges that position. Its not always been like this and the growth of India poses fascinating questions for the future.

Theme 8:

Health, Human Rights, and Intervention

30 years! That is the difference between the highest life expectancy in the world and the lowest.

How does race, education level, democracy affect that?

What are your human rights and which one is not protected in the UK?



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Sample papers

Component 1: Physical Geography

Component 2: Human Geography

Component 3: Synoptic Paper