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History A Level

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Theme 1 – 1C The Tudors, 1485-1603

In this option students will look at the Tudor Dynasty across the period of 1485-1603. They will study, in breadth, issues of change, continuity, cause and consequence in this period through the following key questions:

  • How effectively did the Tudors restore and develop the powers of the monarchy?
  • In what ways and how effectively was England governed during this period?
  • How did relations with foreign powers change and how was the succession secured?
  • How did English society and economy change and with what effects?
  • How far did intellectual and religious ideas change and develop and with what effects?
  • How important was the role of key individuals and groups and how were they affected by developments?


Theme 2 – 2J A Nation Divided, 1845-1877

This option provides for the study of a period of major change in American history, which saw the disintegration of the country into Civil War, demanding a subsequent reconstruction. It explores concepts such as political authority, abolitionism and social justice. It also encourages students to consider what creates social tension and harmony, the idea of nationhood and the issues surrounding political compromise.

The course is split into two sections;

Part one: the origins of the American Civil War, c1845–1861

Students will look at the growing divide between the North and the South and the federal and state governments relationship. They will then explore the attempts to maintain the union between 1845-1854, with particular focus on the issues of westward expansion and growing abolitionist sentiments in the North. This section will conclude with a study of the causes of the outbreak of Civil War 1854-1861.

Part two: Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861–1877

Students will begin part two by focusing on the Civil War (1861–1865), this will include a study of the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, the course of the war itself and the consequences. The second focus will be to look at reconstruction in more detail; students will investigate the impacts of the Reconstruction Acts and the impact of Reconstruction in the south between 1867–1877.



Oxford AQA History for A Level:

The Tudors: England 1485-1603

ISBN13: 9780198354604

The American Civil  War

Causes course and Consequences


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Nation Divided