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  • Awarding Body:  Pearson
  • Level:  BTEC Level 3 (equivalent of 1 A level)

Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in IT (2016 suite) is designed to provide a specialist work-related alternative to an A-Level GCE. The course runs over 2 years and it is the equivalent of one A Level.

What will I learn and how will I be assessed?

Year 12
You will study the following 2 mandatory units in year 12:

Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage Information
In order to produce information to support many business processes as well as our social lives, relational databases are widely used to manage and process data. You will examine the structure of data and its origins, and how an efficient data design follows through to an effective and useful database. You will study the design, creation, testing and evaluation of a relational database system to manage information.

Unit 2 Assessment: This unit is externally assessed through a task set and marked by Pearson over 10 hours in a one-week period.


Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business
Social media websites are a popular way for people to communicate and share information with friends and family. People spend a lot of time on social media websites and they give businesses opportunities to interact with people, for example to promote their business, to encourage people to visit their e-commerce site and buy, to provide customer service.

Unit 3 Assessment: This unit is assessed through internally marked written assignments


Year 13

You will study the following units in year 13:

Unit 1: Information Technology Systems

Information Technology (IT) systems have a significant role in the world around us and play a part in almost everything we do. Having a sound understanding of how to effectively select and use appropriate IT systems will benefit you personally and professionally. You will explore the relationships between the hardware and software that form an IT system, and the way that systems work individually and together, as well as the relationship between the user and the system. You will examine issues related to the use of IT systems and the impact that they have on organisations and individuals.

Unit 1 Assessment: This unit is externally assessed through a 2 hour written examination set and marked by Pearson

Unit 5: Data Modelling
In all aspects of life, individuals are constantly faced with situations where they must weigh up the available information in order to produce alternatives and make decisions. In the working environment, effective decision making can ensure the successful development of organisations. Poor decision making can have significant negative consequences and can even lead to the demise of an organisation. In this unit, you will investigate the fundamentals of the decision-making process. You will find out how using data modelling provides the computational ability to compare consequences, and determine a preferred course of action.

Unit 5 Assessment: This unit is assessed through internally marked assignments.

What can I do after I’ve done the course?

This qualification supports further progression into further education (not necessarily IT) as well as supporting entry to a wide variety of IT courses  or to an Apprenticeship or entry level employment in the IT sector.

Where can I see more details?