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ICT BTEC Level 3

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1.  Unit 1: Information Technology Systems

IT systems support organisations and individuals in the achievement of their objectives and form the backbone of almost everything that people do nowadays. Being able to select/use IT systems appropriately is a skill which is highly valuable in all areas of life – whether business or personal. The aim of this unit is to give you a sound knowledge of the wide range of IT systems that are used to support individuals/organisations and to be able to apply this knowledge to identify needs/plan solutions, as well as analyse and evaluation situations/outcomes relating to the use of IT based systems.


2.  Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage Information

You will study initially the concepts behind database systems and how they store, manipulate and present data. You will investigate how databases are used, designed, developed and maintained using Microsoft Access. In addition, you will learn investigate relational database management systems in respect of how they are used/developed. As part of the examination process, you will be given a brief which will have a task designed around developing a relational database. This task is set and marked by Pearson. You will gain, as part of this course, an appreciation of the massively significant role of relational databases within all types of businesses and how they aid management decision making.

The key learning aims of the unit are:

  • The purpose and structure of relational database management systems
  • Standard methods and techniques to design relational database solutions
  • Creating a relation database structure
  • Evaluating a database development project


Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business
Social Media came into being as a result of the Internet age. The influence of social media I huge and is an exciting, dynamic area. You probably have a good idea of social media and have seen the impact of it in your own life but this unit is looking at the use of social media from a business/organisation viewpoint and how it can be used. Furthermore, it is an area of significant change where new forms of social media can storm the citadels of existing social media organisations and be the new flavour of the month.

The key learning aims of the unit are:

  • Explore the impact of social media on the ways in which businesses promote their products and services
  • Develop a plan to use social media in a business to meet requirements
  • Implement the use of social media in a business


Unit 5: Data Modelling
This unit has been designed to give you opportunities to explore/understand the role that data modelling plays in the decision-making processes of businesses/organisations. As part of the coursework, you will need to use your analytical thinking skills to analyse the various factors that affect a given scenario in order to develop a data modelling solution that will allow a client to consider a range of possibilities and make an informed decision.

The key learning aims of the unit are:

  • Investigate data modelling and how it can be used in the decision-making process.
  • Design a data model to meet client requirements

Develop a data model to meet client requirements


BTEC Nationals Information Technology Student Book + Activebook (Pearson, 2016)


Sample papers         

Unit 1

Unit 2 Part A

Unit 2 Part B