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List of Support Staff

  Name                                  Responsibility/Subject Area

I. Addo


M. Arthur   Catering Assistant
J. Ashalley-Anthony   Chef Manager
S. Bazzinotti   Admin/Display
R. Bindley   Network Manager
V. Brown   Receptionist (Wednesday / Thursday / Friday)
F. Byrne   Student Services / Attendance
K. Cannon   Finance Administrator
E. Carpus   Teaching Assistant
T. Carter   Inclusion Administrator
D. Chiappa   Senior Finance Officer
M. Christodoulou   Teaching Assistant
F. Clarke   Finance Administrator
D. Constable   Senior Science Technician
I. Cronin   6th Form Administrator
M. Duffy   Admin Officer (Wednesday / Thursday / Friday)
M. Franchi   Admin Assistant
P. Gallagher    Librarian
G. Garcia   Teaching Assistant
R Gilleece    Headteacher's PA
A. Gochera   Teaching Assistant
P. Gray   Senior Teaching Assistant
K. Harty   Science Technician
B. Harvey   Teaching Assistant
R. Hender   School Business Manager 
M. Hinchliffe   IT Technician
C. Hutchings Teaching Assistant
M. Inzani   Receptionist (Monday / Tuesday) Admin (Friday)
K. Kirk   Catering Assistant
O. Madden   Learning Mentor/Inclusion
G. Mazzamuto   Site Supervisor
J. Mbambi   Catering Assistant
A. Menezes De Barros   Catering Assistant
A. Menezes Dias Vaz   Catering Assistant
A. Menuet   Teaching Assistant
Y. Moyles

Assistant MIS & Exams Manager

M. Muwanga   Caretaker
E. Nash   MIS & Exams Manager
E. O'Connor   Science Technician
M. O’Connor   Student Services/Medical Lead
F. O’Leary   Learning Mentor / School Counsellor
D. O’Shea   Design and Technology Technician
R. Parsons   Chaplain
A. Pasini   Reprographics and Art Technician
S. Pavarani

Teaching Assistant

N. Scott   Admin Officer (Tuesday / Wednesday)
V. Stewart   Catering Assistant
I. Thompson   Catering Assistant
J. Tierney   Office Manager
A. Tsiridomitris   Teaching Assistant
N. Wynter   Pastoral Support Manager
N. Zavagno   Teaching Assistant