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Time Allocation
Students study MFL for two 1-hour lessons per week in each of Year 7 and Year 8. 

For MFL, the year group is split with three forms studying French and three forms studying Spanish. Please note that pupils are not allocated to a particular form based on language choice, however. Initially, students will be taught their allocated language in sets based on information from Primary schools and then re-allocated into sets based on internal assessments in the first term. Movement between sets afterwards will take place as the department deems appropriate. 

Course Content
During KS3, students will complete six modules in each year which will give them a firm grounding in the language they are studying. The modules are as follows: 


Year 7 

Year 8 


Welcome to French/Spanish: greetings; alphabet and spelling; months of the year and days of the week; numbers 1 – 31; ages and birthdays 

You and I: brothers, sisters and other relatives; pets; hair and eye colour; physical and personal descriptions; nationalities, 

Holidays: countries; destinations; transport lodgings; activities; plans for next year 

Jobs and Future plans: Job types; workplaces; parents’ jobs; positive and negative aspects of employment; dream jobs 


School: school subjects and opinions on telling the time; the school day; school description;  

Home and bedroom: where you live; dwellings; rooms;  

Recent activities: Last weekend; last night; TV and Films; opinions on media, 24-hour clock 

Leisure in town: What one can do in town; leisure facilities; prepositions 


Sports: sports and activities, activity opinions; sports activities in Spain/France, time 

Food and drink: Food groups; opinions on food; meals at home and abroad; 

Clothes and fashion: items of clothing, weather, buying clothes, shopping role-plays 

Free-time: leisure activities and opinions, last weekend, activities in 3 tenses. 


Formal Assessment
All pupils follow a common scheme of assessment. Regular assessments of speaking, writing, reading, translation into English and into the Target Language, dictation and listening are carried out in lessons and for homework. 

Pupils will be set homework on a weekly basis. This will include reading and listening practice, writing exercises, exercises to test grammatical rules, research on aspects of target language culture, translation into English, translation into the Target Language and learning vocabulary. Pupils are also expected to regularly revise topics and structures covered in class.