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Maths and Further Maths

The course offers the opportunity for students to study a wide range of mathematical topics, on a foundation of strong algebraic technique. The AS and A2 courses involve six modules: four pure maths; one mechanics; and one statistics. Further Maths is also available, involving an additional three modules for AS and three for A2.

This course will suit students who enjoy maths and gain a sense of achievement from solving
complex problems. Maths is vital for students wishing to study engineering and most other
science based courses at University, and many universities will make an A Level in Further Maths a condition of entry. The statistics module will also help those going on to study Economics, Psychology and Geography. The knowledge and skills learnt from the course are vital assets for many careers, from finance and business to research and engineering.

For more information on the course we study, please visit the Edexcel website.