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Media Studies

Media Studies is an expanding and popular academic area which combines practical and theoretical elements to study all aspects of the contemporary media landscape. Media Studies allows students to interrogate and look critically at media products that we use and interact with every day, exploring their impact on our society.

Among the issues students study are the role of different media platforms, the impact of new technology and theories about the cultural and political impact of the media. Students will be examined on the following areas: the representations of social groups (such as gender, age, ethnicity and sexuality), an in depth study of the film industry (exploring the relationship between audiences and institutions), and the impact of technology on the media.

There is a coursework element to the subject where students will be required to various programmes to plan, construct and evaluate their own media text. The media product constructed for coursework will be print (music magazine) and moving image (film trailer) based.

A keen analytical mind is required for the examinations and creativity and ICT skills are required for the practical coursework element.

University courses in media studies are heavily oversubscribed, and a strong performance in the A Level course will be an advantage. While the A Level course is a useful foundation for careers in journalism, broadcasting and marketing, the skills are highly-prized in other fields where the media play a key role such as management, business and government.

For more information on the course we study, please visit the OCR website.