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Modern Foreign Languages

At FCHS, we can offer A Level courses in French and Spanish. Below, we explain the common benefits, skills and requirements from pursuing a Modern Language at A Level.

Students pursuing these courses will deepen their interest in and enthusiasm for learning their chosen language: understanding it in a variety of contexts and genres; communicating confidently, clearly and effectively for a range of purposes and with native speakers; developing greater awareness and understanding of the societies, cultures and heritages of countries where the language is spoken; and acquiring knowledge, skills and understanding for practical use, further study and future employment.

At AS and A2, students will be examined and assessed on their reading, listening and writing skills, and as the course progresses, they will be expected to be increasingly confident at using different forms of the language and discussing spontaneously-selected topics.

These courses will appeal to students who enjoy learning about and visiting different countries and cultures. However, studying languages at A level requires stamina, perseverance and dedication, and past results have it is essential for students who take an interest in their subject outside the classroom, for example reading literature and watching films in their chosen language, and taking part in work experience or exchange visits abroad.

As well as being essential for students hoping to study their chosen language at University, the skills, hard work and discipline required to learn a language at A Level are highly-prized for other University degrees. In many careers, the ability to speak a foreign language is a great asset, for example tourism, law, finance, business and the Diplomatic Service.

The standard entrance criteria for FCHS and St Michael’s apply. In addition, students should have attained at least a Grade B GCSE in their chosen language, and all students will be required to attend a bridging course.