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Time Allocation
Students study PSHE for 25 hours a year. It is taught as a floating lesson with the normal timetable suspended for the whole school for a different period each week.

PSHE takes place in form groups and occasionally whole year groups.

Course Content

The topics addressed are outlined below, but additional time is set aside to address topical issues as required. Where topics are revisited, knowledge and understanding is developed to an age-appropriate level. In addition to PSHE lessons, Anti-bullying and Wellbeing is addressed both in form time and during national focus weeks.


Year 9

Year 10 

Year 11


  • Relationships
  • Consent
  • Relationships 
  • Wellbeing
  • Career options
  • Relationships


  • E-Safety
  • Effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • Managing risk
  • Media & Lifestyle
  • Study skills
  • Wellbeing



  • First aid
  • Finance
  • Revision skills
  • Effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco




Students are assessed at the start and end of each topic to check understanding.