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Performing Arts

Time Allocation
Students study Performing Arts for two 1 hour periods per week in both Year 7 and Year 8. 

For Performing Arts, two form groups are split into three mixed ability teaching groups to facilitate practical lessons. 

Course Content
In Years 7 and 8 pupils have a variable ratio of Drama to Music. This facilitates an opportunity for pupils to access and develop a variety of techniques across the Arts. Each module lasts for half a term and pupils are assessed on their written and practical abilities. 


Year 7 

Year 8 


  • MUSIC: Introduction to Musical Elements 

  • DRAMA: Introduction to Drama 

  • MUSIC: Blues Music 

  • DRAMA: Story Telling 


  • MUSIC: African Music 

  • DRAMA: Radio Plays 

  • MUSIC: Rock Music 

  • DRAMA: Physical Theatre 


  • MUSIC: Film/Programme Music 

  • DRAMA: Soap Opera 

  • MUSIC: Four Chord Song Writing 

  • DRAMA: Bullying – silent movies 


Formal Assessment
Each module will usually take half a term. Progress over the 5/6 week period will be measured against their individual starting points from the baseline assessment and will conclude with a final assessment. In Music, this will usually combine performing, composing and listening skills relevant to the topic and in Drama the recording and evaluation of a final performance. 

Pupils will be given one homework task per week that is linked to the Area of Study.