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This course examines the historic systems and recent trends of politics in Britain and the USA to
give a detailed understanding of how government works and how it has been used to address
the biggest contemporary social and economic issues. At AS, we study various aspects of the
British political and electoral system and consider questions like where power really lies. At A2,
we examine representative processes and government in the USA by looking at the principles upon 
which the country has been built, the electoral system, racial and ethnic issues, party power, 
and branches of government.
This course will suit anyone who enjoys debating complex contemporary issues, and evaluating
different ideas. An interest in political news and issues is essential as much of the course is
focused on current events. The A-level is a useful grounding for studying politics at degree
level, but the skills of analysis and evaluation will be useful for many degrees, and will be good
preparation for a career in the media, the civil service or politics itself.