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Time Allocation
Students study Science for three 1 hour lessons per week in each of Year 7 and Year 8. 

In Year 7 and Year 8, Science is taught in mixed ability form groups.  

Course content
We follow the AQA KS3 scheme of work which can be found here: 

The KS3 Science Syllabus organises the content into 10 big idea headings: Forces, Electromagnetism, Energy, Waves, Matter, Reactions, Earth, Organisms, Ecosystems and Genes. Each idea contains four smaller topics: the building blocks for the big ideas. Each big idea topic contains four smaller topics that build in complexity. For example ‘Waves’, topics are ordered from simpler, more concrete topics ‘Light’ and ‘Sound’, to more abstract ones ‘Wave properties’ and ‘Wave effects’. These have been created to avoid repetition, draw on various scientific skills and use different contexts. 

N.B. The order in which these units will be completed will vary between groups. 


Formal Assessment
There will continuous assessment in each of the topics which will be based around the school's assessment without levels. Pupils will also sit assessments provided by the exam board that assess all of the course content. 

Homework is set which helps to develop skills such as practical reporting, graph plotting and research skills.