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Pupils have access to a wide range of science revision resources. Most of these resources can be accessed using the science department's GoogleDrive link. Pupils should be using this link on a weekly basis in order to prepare themselves for their GCSE Science exams. Please read through the science guidance powerpoint attached below to find out how all of the science resources can be used effectively.

The Science GoogleDrive contains the following:

  • CGP work book answers
  • Personalised learning checklists
  • Exam papers
  • Exam question packs
  • Flash cards
  • Key word glossaries
  • Lesson resources
  • Physics formulae
  • PiXL revision resources
  • Videos on the required practicals
  • Specifications
  • Digital textbooks + answers to text book questions, 

Science GoogleDrive link

The personal learning checklists for each exam paper are also attached below for ease of access.