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Username/Password Action and Support

Username and Password:

To access you can sign directly into the platform or using your school credentials. 

Your username is your email address. This is the same username you use to sign into the PC terminals in school with

If you need your details resetting, please email 


Teams Focused Support:

We recommend that you use either a PC or a Laptop to access remote learning via Teams. 

If possible, please also use the desktop application to run Teams. 

Should you experience any difficulties please follow the below steps:

When using the web application

  1. Sign out of
  2. Close your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Explorer or Safari)
  3. Open your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Explorer or Safari)
  4. Navigate to and sign in with your school credentials 
  5. Select Teams
  6. Open in the web application (unless you are able to, and have permission to download the desktop application)

When using the desktop application

  1. Sign out of Teams
  2. Close Teams
  3. Open Teams
  4. Sign in with your school credentials