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Well-being Wednesday

Welcome to #WellbeingWednesday!

On Wednesday 6th May we are holding a virtual ‘activity’ day where all ‘lessons’ will be suspended. The aim of the day is to provide you with the opportunity to promote your positive mental health and encourage you to be creative, resourceful and have fun. The day will also allow your teachers time to  amend lesson planning to take further consideration of distance learning and build in opportunities to provide you with acknowledgement and feedback.

You should use the day to take part in the optional challenges, take stock of your personal progress, catch-up with any outstanding work and help  to plan future activities. Below you will find the different challenge briefs. In each document you will find an outline of the task, any support materials, success criteria and how you should submit your completed activity.

We will be sharing completed work and communicating via Twitter, Instagram and on here. 

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