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Wellbeing support in school

Our school is fully committed to supporting your wellbeing. Here are some ways already in 2020 we have been working on supporting you, both here in school and at home. 

Reintegration programme

We were very conscious that students (both old and new) would find it hard to (re)integrate after the extended period of school closure. In our first week back this term we did a series of activities that enabled students to reflect on their time during lockdown, as well as rebuild confidence, relationships and working habits at the start of term.


Sixth Form Wellbeing support

Most of you may not know it, but there is a little pocket of useful information hidden away in the Sixth Form building. In the main corridor that enters into our Sixth Form (opposite the gender neutral toilets) there is a wellbeing notice board. This is regulalry updated with the latest information by our mentor and school counsellor, and has a number of current and relevant handouts for you to take away depending on the support you need. 


School wide work

Our Sixth Form is very committed to the wellbeing of all students. We are proud that they not only look out for each other, but are committed to ensure everyone is supported. Please click on the link below to a recent assembly, where Sixth Form students were involved in the planning and delivery:

In addition, as part of our prefect body we have a group of 'Wellbeing Prefects', who meet to discuss whole school strategies and come up with ways to promote positive mental health across the school. Most recently the following powerpoint was shared, so students know they can access support during school holidays:

Kooth (365 days a year availability)