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Work Shadowing 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 our Work Shadowing Programme was cancelled last academic year. We are delighted that the Year 12 Work Shadowing Programme will take place this academic year from Monday 11th – Wednesday 20th July 2022. 



1. Deciding who to approach

You may already know one position you would like to shadow, however, be wary of putting all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you apply to several companies to ensure that you get at least one position offered.

When you have decided, try to find out the names of either the HR manager at the firm, or the names of the people you want to shadow. You can do this by telephoning before you write. Correspondence with a name on it is less likely to get filed in the bin!

Keep a record of the names, addresses and contact numbers of those you are applying to. This way, you can contact them to find out whether they are considering your application. If you have not heard back from them you will need to be persistent and resilient in your approach. One of the strengths of this programme is to open your eyes to the competitive and difficult nature of the job market.


2. Devising the letter

You will need to put together a letter to send to a number of companies or professionals that you might be interested in shadowing. 

Your letter should include the following information:

  • Who you are and your position within the school
  • Why you are writing to the company/individual
  • The rationale behind work shadowing
  • Who you would like to shadow in the organisation
  • The dates of the work shadowing programme
  • How you believe work shadowing will benefit you
  • What you can offer the company in return for their help
  • A contact address and telephone number
  • Anything else you think is relevant to help you secure a place

Make sure you treat your letter as a formal job application. Word-process it on good quality paper and be polite / professional in the terms you use.


3. The C.V.

This is a good opportunity for you to update/produce your C.V. to include your exam results from last summer and any other relevant information. It is good practice to send a copy of your CV, alongside your letter, to the organisations or people you approach (please use as an invaluable resource; all Year 12 students have logins)


4. Receiving the offer

When you have secured a place, please complete via the school website (Sixth Form / Work Shadowing / Work Shadowing Employer Contact Details): Click here

The deadline for completing this process is Sunday 5th June 2022