Primary Transition

We acknowledge that the transition from primary to secondary school can be a challenging period. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive support to both students and their families throughout this crucial process.

Primary Visits

In the summer term, every incoming Year 7 student receives a visit from a member of our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) or the Year 7 Pastoral Leader. These visits serve multiple valuable purposes, including:

  1. Creating a sense of familiarity by introducing students to a familiar face within the school community, thus aiding in their transition and comfort.
  2. Offering a platform for students to ask questions and express concerns regarding their impending transition to secondary school.
  3. Facilitating an exchange of crucial information with primary school colleagues, ensuring we have the necessary insights to provide personalised and effective guidance upon the students' arrival.

This approach emphasises a student-focused and proactive approach to addressing the challenges and concerns associated with the transition to secondary school.


Small Schools Transition Day

We acknowledge that students who are the sole members of their primary class or school joining our school may encounter unique challenges during the transition process. To address this, we offer a specialised "Small School Transition Afternoon."

This initiative is focused on creating an opportunity for these students to connect with one another, with the primary goals of fostering a sense of belonging and friendship, both of which can significantly alleviate their transition challenges. It's specifically dedicated to building robust interpersonal relationships, enabling students to form meaningful bonds and connections with their peers well before the commencement of the academic year, and prior to the arrival of the rest of their cohort. Through this intentional effort, our aim is to make the transition process notably more comfortable and less daunting, especially for students who may not have the advantage of familiar faces from their primary class.


Transition Day

During the summer term, incoming Year 7 students receive dedicated support during our carefully crafted Transition Day, which is designed to welcome them to our school site and promote the development of relationships and team-building with their peers and Form Tutor. Throughout this day, students will receive personalised assistance and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful transition.


Year 6 to 7 Parents / Carers Welcome Evening

We understand that the transition from primary to secondary school can be challenging for parents and carers as well. To support them through this process, we organise a dedicated evening for our new parents and carers.

This event is designed to welcome parents and carers to our community and provide all the necessary information they will need to best support their son. The evening culminates in an opportunity for parents and carers to meet their son's Form Tutor, enabling them to establish a direct line of communication and address any questions or concerns they may have. The evening also provides a relaxed atmosphere for parents and carers to socialise with each other over refreshments, fostering a sense of community and support.

This approach is aimed at ensuring a smooth and welcoming transition not only for the students but also for their families.


September Start

To provide additional support to our new Year 7 students on their first day in September, we organise a special welcome Mass and extend invitations to parents/carers. This event marks the official welcoming of students into our school community.

To enhance the transition experience, we intentionally arrange for Year 7 students to be on site with only Year 12 students in attendance. This setup is designed to support a smoother transition and boost their confidence in navigating the school site.


Transition Programme

During the first two weeks of the year 7 curriculum is focused on a transition project, which emphasises and showcases to students how their curriculum is linked and that they do not learn in silos: we aim to provide a rich tapestry of learning where subject strands are interweaved. Students are provided with their transition text before they break for the summer vacation


Year 7 Welcome Evening

Before the autumn half term break, we host a special Welcome Event for Year 7 students, where parents and carers are invited to join us for a formal welcome. During this event, each student is presented with a folder containing a welcome letter from the Headteacher and our Chair of Governors. These folders are intended to serve as a record of their achievements, where they can collect letters and certificates of accomplishment throughout their time at our school.

To add a personal touch to the event, students share their musical talents by performing songs they have been practicing in music. Furthermore, we have the pleasure of watching a short film that beautifully captures moments from our students' initial weeks at the school. This occasion stands as a warm and significant milestone in our collective partnership to support students on their educational journey. It serves as a delightful celebration, marking the inception of a new chapter in the lives of our Year 7 students, underlining our commitment to their growth and success.