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Curriculum Offer

At Finchley Catholic High School Sixth Form, we are incredibly proud to offer a diverse and expanding curriculum. Our commitment to providing a rich educational experience is evident through the wide array of subjects and opportunities we offer to our students.

While some educational institutions have been forced to cut back, we have embraced growth by introducing exciting new subjects like Sociology A Level and Music A Level in recent years. This continuous evolution ensures that our students have access to a dynamic and forward-thinking education.

We also understand the importance of developing well-rounded individuals, which is why we have integrated 'Enrichment' sessions into our Sixth Form timetable. These sessions give our students the freedom to choose how to spend an extra period each week, enriching their CV and gaining valuable experience outside of their A Level studies. Whether it's engaging in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), participating in charity volunteering, competing in sports, or exploring a range of other opportunities, our students have the chance to broaden their horizons like never before.

In addition, all Sixth Form students will attend one core Religious Education lessons each week, fostering insightful discussions on current affairs within a controlled and respectful environment. These sessions encourage critical thinking, empathy, and an understanding of diverse belief systems. Our core RE lessons shape well-rounded individuals by exploring the intersection of values, faith, and contemporary issues.

To discover more about each subject, including exam boards, units of study, and to watch informative videos about studying a particular course at Finchley Catholic, simply click on the subject links below:

KS5 Curriculum Booklet