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Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular activities are a notable strength at Finchley Catholic High School.

That is because we offer a diverse and exciting array of opportunities for enrichment which range from chess club and orchestra to weekend and holiday initiatives, including various residential trips. This programme is also reviewed regularly through consultation with our student council to help tailor the program to their needs and desires.

Throughout the academic year, numerous departments contribute to our enrichment program, ensuring a broad spectrum of activities that cater to the interests and preferences of all students. We are nurturing our young people to become empathetic and responsible citizens of 21st century Britain and therefore in addition to routine clubs, we host thematic and topical workshops that align with our equality and diversity agenda which explores Black History Month, LGBT Month, and National Careers Week. These workshops play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity, raising awareness, and strengthening our educational provision so it has relevance for our young people. 

Our school places a strong emphasis on providing extensive sporting opportunities, ranging from individual to team sports. This inclusive approach ensures that students of all aptitudes and abilities can participate, promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle through both engagement and competition.

Furthermore, we boast a vibrant arts scene, including popular art, music, and drama timetables that encourage the development of creative skills of our students. This creative spirit is showcased at various points of the year such as the Y7 welcome event, Christmas Market and Carol Service and the end of year school production. We really look forward to seeing you and your child at these events.