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At Finchley Catholic High School, our commitment to nurturing the future success of our students is embodied in our comprehensive careers programme.

Our primary goal is to inspire and motivate young minds by providing clear insights into diverse career pathways that are both engaging and fulfilling.

Central to our mission is empowering students to navigate their educational journey with informed decision-making, allowing them to strategically plan for their futures. We actively embed the development of employability skills across the curriculum, ensuring that students not only acquire academic knowledge but also practical skills that are directly applicable in the dynamic real-world scenarios. This approach illustrates the relevance of their education to the broader context and prepares them comprehensively for their future endeavours.

Recognising the transformative power of effective careers guidance, we aim to broaden students' horizons, challenge stereotypes, and elevate their aspirations. Our holistic approach encompasses not only the delivery of careers education within the curriculum but also the cultivation of meaningful relationships with local businesses and educational partners.

By actively engaging with local enterprises and educational institutions, we ensure that our students have access to a diverse array of events, activities, programmes, and up-to-date information. This collaborative effort extends beyond the classroom, preparing our students for an ever-changing world and equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful transitions into the next stages of their lives.

Our meticulously planned careers programme aligns with our comprehensive Careers Policy document, which outlines key roles and responsibilities, statutory duties, and the commitment to providing school-wide Careers Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance (CEIAG).

We recognise the significance of instilling security and confidence in students as they navigate their career choices. An effective careers programme, guided by the Gatsby Foundation’s benchmarks, has been shown to significantly enhance student engagement, attendance, and academic achievement.

Drawing on literature from the Careers Development Institute (CDI), our programme adheres to the CDI’s framework for planning careers and work-related learning at Finchley Catholic High School. Embracing the six learning areas for lifelong career development, our programme is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for students' future success.

Grow throughout life Grow throughout life by learning and reflecting on yourself, your background and your strengths.
Manage career Manage your career actively, make the most of opportunities and learn from setbacks.
Create opportunities Create opportunities by being proactive and building positive relationships with others.
Balance life and work Balance your life as a worker and/or entrepreneur with your wellbeing, other interests and your involvement with your family and community.
Explore possibilities Explore the full range of possibilities open to you and learn about recruitment processes and the culture of different workplaces
See the big picture See the big picture by paying attention to how the economy, politics and society connect with your own life and career.


The provision of impartial advice from a qualified careers advisor is a crucial aspect of our commitment to supporting students in making informed and confident decisions about their future paths.

These personalised 1-2-1 careers interviews are throughout the year, ensuring individuals have access to dedicated guidance tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

Scheduled appointments are organised through the pastoral team for students in Years 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. These targeted sessions are strategically designed to coincide with key stages in academic and career planning. For students outside of these year groups who desire a careers interview, we encourage them to reach out to their Pastoral Leader to facilitate the process.

The role of a Careers Advisor extends beyond providing information about potential career paths. They serve as a valuable resource in helping students explore their interests, strengths, and goals, ultimately guiding them toward well-informed decisions. A skilled careers advisor can offer insights into diverse career options, educational pathways, and the evolving job market, empowering students to navigate their educational journey with confidence and purpose. In essence, the support of a Careers Advisor is instrumental in shaping students' futures by equipping them with the knowledge and guidance needed to make informed choices and pursue fulfilling career paths.

Should you wish to contact our Careers Advisor, please email


In providing personalised assistance for students as they navigate their next steps, we have integrated the use of www.unifrog.com, an acclaimed online careers platform.

Unifrog consolidates every undergraduate university course, apprenticeship, and college course in the UK, alongside a myriad of other opportunities such as School Leaver Programmes, MOOCs, and comprehensive information about every college at Oxford and Cambridge. This platform simplifies the process for students to compare and select the most suitable university courses, apprenticeships, or further education options. Moreover, it empowers them to explore exciting opportunities globally, including English-taught undergraduate programs available in Europe and the USA. The parent/carer access to Unifrog enhances our collaborative efforts in guiding students towards informed and fulfilling academic and career choices.

Labour market information (LMI) plays a pivotal role in aiding students to make well-informed decisions about their careers and educational pathways.

LMI provides students with valuable insights into:

  • The specific jobs and skills that employers are actively seeking.
  • Industries that are currently hiring and their geographical locations.
  • Resources for identifying employers with current job openings.
  • Working conditions within various industries.
  • Educational and training requirements for specific occupations.
  • Future growth projections for job sectors and other relevant statistics.

In essence, LMI serves as a comprehensive tool that equips students with a holistic understanding of the current job market, empowering them to navigate their career choices with foresight and strategic planning.

This policy statement sets out our arrangements for managing the access of providers to students for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer.

This can be found within our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy.

Careers Policy