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Our Community

We proudly champion a community where 'Everybody Matters' at FCHS: a principle that lies at the heart of everything we do.

Our foundation is built upon the shared values and collaborative spirit of our students, parents, and dedicated staff. However, our commitment to foster this inclusive spirit extends beyond the confines of our classrooms.

Alumni: We treasure the enduring connections we have with generations of FCHS alumni, united by our esteemed Old Albanian Association. Their contributions to our school's legacy continue to inspire and shape the futures of our current students.

Chaplaincy: Our commitment to spiritual growth is embodied through our chaplaincy program. The compassionate guidance of our chaplain and the regular celebration of Mass by the priests from our local parishes create a harmonious and spiritually enriching environment within our school.

Charity: We take pride in our active engagement with the wider community, extending our support to charities such as the North London Hospice. Through our charitable endeavours, we instil in our students the values of empathy and giving back.

Parishes: Our close collaboration with the local parishes is a testament to our commitment to faith and community. The presence of parish priests at our Masses reinforces the bonds that tie us together in shared worship and spiritual growth.

Friends of Finchley Catholic: We are grateful for the invaluable partnership we share with the 'Friends of Finchley Catholic.' Their unwavering dedication to our school, along with our brilliant governing board and PTA, is instrumental in enhancing the educational experience that we offer.

Together, with the support of our extended community, including local schools, we strive to create a dynamic and inclusive environment where every individual is valued, nurtured, and empowered. Explore this page to discover the stories, connections, and collaborations that define our unique and thriving Finchley Catholic High School community.