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Our Faith, Mission and Ethos

Ecclesiastes 7:25

I turned my heart to know and to search out and to seek wisdom

At Finchley Catholic High School, our faith, mission, and ethos form the very heart of our identity and our Catholic community exists to serve our students.

Our mission is to:

  • Be a school where we experience the joy of God’s creation and develop a faith that will sustain us through travails as well as victories.
  • Grow enquiring minds that will value scholarship and develop a joy of learning that will stay with us all our lives.
  • Nurture a steadfast community in which everyone has a thirst for dignity, respect and social justice.

Therefore, when our mission is fulfilled, we will meet the future with soaring ambition and a relentless desire to contribute to a better world – a purpose that aligns with God’s plan for us all.

“We, the disciples of Jesus are called to be his people who listen to his voice and take seriously his words. We must listen to Jesus, we must follow him”

- Pope Francis

Our School Values 

All of the values we live by at Finchley Catholic High School align with Gospel values, following the instructions and examples set out by Jesus: 

  • Respect for Human Dignity – We show equal respect to all and recognise every person as a child of God.
  • Humility and Love for Others - To all, regardless of our differences.
  • Compassion and Service to Others - To all, especially those less fortunate than ourselves 
  • Justice and Forgiveness - To all others, as we would want for ourselves

Through words, actions and relationships, our whole school community is nurtured in its response to God’s call and challenged to celebrate it joyfully in life and liturgy. We are proud to be a school where everybody matters.

Living Our Mission

Our mission statements aim to deepen students' knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith, guiding them to become true followers of Jesus Christ. Throughout the school day, we encourage spiritual engagement through reflection and prayer which starts during morning registration. Weekly assemblies, based on Gospel themes, are led by peers and tutors, fostering a connection to faith.