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The synergy between pastoral care and the curriculum is integral to our mission at Finchley Catholic High School.

We are committed to shaping well-educated, well-balanced, and responsible citizens, and this transformative journey commences the moment our students become part of our school community.

Our 'parent/carer-school partnerships' form a robust foundation, playing a vital role in the learning and development of each pupil. Built on trust and mutual respect, these partnerships encourage parents/carers to approach us whenever there is a concern or a need to share information.

Form Tutors, serving as the primary point of contact, forge strong relationships with their tutees. For students requiring additional support, our learning mentors and school counsellor are valuable resources.

Pastoral Leaders

Each year group is overseen by a dedicated Pastoral Leader, entrusted with the well-being and holistic development of the students in their care.

  • Year 7 – Ms T Hourican
  • Year 8 – Mr M Hastings
  • Year 9 – Mr D Fletcher
  • Year 10 – Ms A Corrigan
  • Year 11 – Ms G Turunen
  • Year 12 – Mr T Nagle
  • Year 13 – Ms S Moggan