In addition to Parents/Carers’ Evenings and reporting and assessment, our communication strategy includes various channels to ensure parents/carers are consistently well-informed.

These encompass Parent Information Evenings, our regular newsletter ‘The Albanian,’ and diverse forms of written communication distributed through email or posted on our website.

To enhance the timeliness of our communication, we aim to utilise email and text messages to contact parents/carers, in addition to updates on this website. To enable efficient communication, we kindly request parents/carers to provide us with their relevant contact details.

We strongly encourage all parents/carers to actively participate in the Friends of Finchley (PTA) association, fostering a collaborative and engaged school community.

Friends of Finchley Catholic

When necessary, we can facilitate meetings or telephone calls at mutually convenient times with your son’s Form Tutor, Pastoral Leader, or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. At all times we follow our communication charter

Communication Charter

We recognise the importance of fostering effective communication between parents/carers and our staff. To streamline this process, we have established the following protocols to facilitate efficient connections:

  1. Email:

Emailing the Office: Please direct your queries or concerns to Our administrative staff will promptly forward your email to the relevant staff member.

Direct Email: If you already know the specific staff member you need to contact, feel free to email them directly. Email communication is often the fastest way to address most inquiries effectively.

Politeness in Correspondence: We request that parents/carers maintain a polite tone in their emails, as we do not tolerate abuse directed towards staff.

We aim to provide prompt responses, with an expectation of receiving a reply within two working days. In some instances, further investigation may be required, in which case you will receive a holding email, followed by a detailed response within five working days.We appreciate your patience and understanding.

  1. Telephone:

For queries requiring a conversation with a staff member, please call our school office at 0208 445 0105.

Our administrative team will either connect you to the staff member's extension you wish to speak to or take a message and ensure it reaches the right person.

Please note: Most staff members do not have individual telephone extensions, and immediate responses may not always be possible due to teaching and other duties throughout the school day.

  1. Meetings:

In exceptional cases where a face-to-face meeting is necessary, please consult with the staff member in question. Generally, most issues can be resolved through email or phone conversations.

Important Notes:

  • Appointments: Kindly refrain from visiting the school without a prior appointment, as staff availability for unscheduled meetings is limited.
  • Urgent Matters: If you have an urgent concern, please inform our office so that we can relay your message to the relevant person immediately.
  • In Case of Difficulty: If you encounter any challenges with the outlined protocols, feel free to request a conversation with a senior staff member, such as a Deputy or Assistant Head, or the Business Manager. They will direct your concerns to the appropriate senior staff member.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these communication protocols, which will contribute to better serving you and addressing your needs effectively.


We trust that instances requiring complaint will be infrequent, and most concerns can be promptly addressed through regular communication with the school. However, if you encounter an issue that cannot be resolved through routine channels, we encourage you to follow our formal complaints procedure as outlined in our Complaints Policy.

Complaints Policy