Exam Information

If you have any queries about the exam timetable or guidelines, please contact our dedicated Examination Officers, Mrs Nash and Mrs Moyles.

You can contact them directly at 020 8445 0105 ext 214 or 213, or via email at examsoffice@finchleycatholic.org.uk.

They are here to assist parents/carers and students with any exam-related queries.

March 2024 - Review of Marking - Internal Assessments - This information can be found by clicking on the Internal Appeals folder below

Contingency Dates for Public Exams Summer 2024

The awarding bodies have designated the following as contingency dates within the Summer 2024 exam timetable – the afternoon of 6th June and 13th June 2024 and the morning and afternoon of 26th June 2024. Students will need to ensure they are available on all three dates even if they do not have an exam in case it should be necessary for the awarding bodies to re-schedule any GCSE or A level examinations as a result of any sustained national or local disruption during the examination series. Candidates must be available until Wednesday 26 June 2024 should examinations need to be rescheduled.

Summer 2024 Result Days - A Levels - Thursday 15th August 2024 and GCSE - Thursday 22nd August 2024